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This website is dedicated to Ol'Conrad.  He passed away shortly after Christmas, 2013.  He had made stupendous contributions to our hobby through his dedicated and careful breeding of aquatic animals.  He was a good friend and best buddy of Pete's and will not only be missed greatly by Pete, the hobby will forever have lost a valuable friend and asset. But his progeny will live on forever in his memory.

​       Hey listen closely to the tune that is playing, some days Lotsoffish feels like this after some folks emails.

   Now that we have your attention, this is nothing rated x, nothing beyond a rating of G.. This is for anyone,   
   adult enough to understand what is being said. And most 10 year olds will know what is being asked. 

   The problem is folks who win an auction for a box of fish, then become total jerks ( Pete has another word for them,
    use your imagination - a hint -- it starts with a big A followed by a couple s's. )  

   These are the people who think their bucks make them the only folks who will ever buy fish and expect to be treated
    as if the world stops for their expectations. Folks who fall into this catagory need to sit down, take a breath and 
    realize, their fish will show up, when it is best for the fish. We are dealing with small, delicate tropical fish in most
    cases who, are traveling within the United States Postal Service.

    Not only are these little lives traveling within a system you and I have no control over, they are also traveling at the
    whims of our weather, no matter what the weather person says. Winter is especially a time of year that requires the
    expertise of the shipper, to assure the best possible outcome for the arrival of healthy, happy, fish, vertebtates, what
    ever it was your heart wanted. Be patient, do not nag, do not act like an infant stamping your feet and holding your
    breath because your crap did not arrive within an hour of you paying. Believe me, that is how some people act. and
    it is not pleasant, nor does it make dealing with some folks a pleasure. This type of infantile behaviour quite often will
    get that person banned from further auctions. THIS is just a word to the childish folks, not mature adults.

    If your box should arrive with problems, calmly let the seller know. Sometimes shit happens. No matter how carefully
    the seller planned. When there is a problem, we do not expect photos. BUT please, any information you can give as
    far as observations within the box will be helpful. Temp of the water, is the main concern. Anything else you notice 
    that seems off should also be reported. Anything to help figure out the problem. Problems are very rare but, especially
    in the winter, please be observant AND again be an adult, not a spoiled pants peeing child.

    Be patient, stay off the back of the seller, allow him or her to judge the best day to ship according to temperatures and
    possible storms in your area. This is only one factor to assuring a healthy box of animals. Making a prompt paypal 
    payment is a must. Do not win an auction then sit on your fortune for several days. 

    With Lotsoffish and Ziouxpioux, animals are chosen and prepared for shipping a few days prior to the auction going up. 
    This includes water exchanges to insure animals are shipped in the purest of water quality possible, as well as fasting
    for a couple days prior to shipping date. Do not, I repeat DO NOT SCREW with the process of animal prep by bidding
    on an auction and after winning, not paying for several days and then bitch because your box was not shipped the day
    you finally decide, "OH, now I have the bucks, guess I will send in the paypal."

    Now some more for adults, mature adults that is. Before asking a question about care of fish, would you please do a
    little research on your computer first. Many questions that are received are easily answered by a simply google. Just
    be sure to read several citations in the process of learning. The internet is like hard copies of information, anyone can 
    say what they want and it will appear. How many times when you wrote a paper for school did you have to annotate
    your research? This was to help a person learn to find more than one opinion, as well as to decern facts or garbage. 

   We love to help folks learn but please, questions such as "what temperature should I keep my new guppys at?" Is 
   ridiculous and wastes our time. Don't try to prove you are a loser by asking the question as simple as this. If you can
   not find something on the web, or find severe conflicting answers then, by all means ask us. 

    You just might be amazed what else you learn or decide to investigate in the process of asking google just one 
    is the best place to ask intelligent questions and will get you more prompt answers than any other email address 
    associated with Lotsoffish AKA Pete Mang.  SAVY!  Thank you!  Now for some fun so you do not feel like you just had 
    your britches pulled down and got a good butt blistering.  :) enjoy this Family Cartoon and remember  - winning bidders
    who do not pay within 24 hours slows down his fine tuned operation in his basement and ruins in for others, as well as, 
    these dead beats stand a chance of being blocked from future bids. 
                                                                           He is NOT a charity!