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This website is dedicated to Ol'Conrad.  He passed away shortly after Christmas, 2013.  He had made stupendous contributions to our hobby through his dedicated and careful breeding of aquatic animals.  He was a good friend and best buddy of Pete's and will not only be missed greatly by Pete, the hobby will forever have lost a valuable friend and asset. But his progeny will live on forever in his memory.

Super Delta Guppys
​These gorgeous beauties are difficult to find.
Good luck!
Guppies - These fishes were originally found in the South American and Caribbean countries such as, Brazil, Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. In the 19th century, the tropical fish we now know as guppy was named in honor of R.J.L. Guppy, a biologist from the Caribbean island Trinidad who, first presented specimens of the fish to the British Museum in London. Since then these freshwater tropical fishes has been stuck with the name guppy.  

 Red Red Eye Albino Male
Ok - how many of you morons know the difference between the various
tails found within
the guppys?

I betcha not many.  LOL  I was once a moron too, not that I am no longer one. :) Moron that is.
(ask Pete, he will tell
you, Karen is still a
after our conversation 
about tail shapes last night.

Anyhow, look at the tails. 

All tail designs are beautiful and it is each person's preference.

Red Moscow Guppy, very young male
Notice the shape of his tail is not yet fully developed.
It sure was considerate of Ol'Lotsoffish to embed on the photo what the fish is. HUH, a round of applause for a repeat, please!

Take a close look at the picture.  Full red female guppys, no matter be they Moscows or Deltas, will have a nice red coloring to their tails.

However, NOTICE this gal is a RREA!

  Red Red Eye Albino

Got it slackers?

Bet your eyes are open now and the ol'brain cells have kicked on!
By now, those who are paying attention are asking themselves --  
(to prevent you from having to bother with an email asking, I know what ya wanna know.)
And the question is:

How can a non Moscow female guppy be distinguished from a Moscow female?

This is where it pays to have confidence in the breeder that you buy your guppys from.  They will know.

In other words, I don't know and need to ask Ol'Conrad or Ol'Lotsoffish.
Red Snake Skin Male Guppy
How's this guy for an in your face, wake up it's morning fellow?
the females are gorgeous too, they get quite large and their tails are iridescence with various colors found in the snake skin on the male's body.
Well-fed adults do not often eat their own young, although sometimes safe zones are required for the fry. Specially designed livebearer birthing tanks, which can be suspended inside the aquarium, are available from aquatic retailers.

These also serve to shield the pregnant female from further attention from the males, which is important, because the males will sometimes attack the females while they are giving birth. It also provides a separate area for the newborn young as protection from being eaten by their mother. However, if a female is put in the breeder box too early, it may cause her to have a miscarriage.

Well-planted tanks that offer a lot of barriers to adult guppies will shelter the young quite well. Java moss, duckweed (Lemna minor and other Lemna species), and Water Wisteria are all excellent choices. A continuous supply of live food, such as Daphnia, will keep adult fish full and may spare the fry when they are born. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guppy
Japanese Blue Swordtail Guppy, males
Slackers probably did not notice the different shapes of the tail's swords.

These are a fun variety because of the tail sword shapes

awesome for those who are looking for blue fish!
The French Marigold Guppies 
do NOT 
have Delta tails they have shorter round tails and
 they are not the long fan shaped tails 
 See why you need a breeder like Ol'Lotsoffish whom you can trust!

See this female French Marigold?

 These were virgin females. This is what female adult virgin females look like. 

You outta always have a 
few of those around when screwing around with Guppies.

By now you probably have an intense itch for some of Ol'Lotsoffish or Ol'Conrad's guppys.
So, copy and paste the following link to see everything Ol'Lotsoffish has up for auction today. 
This is constantly changing so
check back often!


BTW, I am a slacker quite often on our website.  It really is a lot more work for me to
put in click on here, etc.  
than it is for you to copy and paste
So live with it!

oh, and did you notice sometimes I wrote guppys and sometime I wrote guppies?
That is because you will find the various spellings all over.
It is kinda like how to pronounce potatoes.

So you went and got yourself some Guppies!
This information may help you.

First the basics!

Guppies like CLEAN water and they require a clean bottom/substrate to sleep on. Guppies sleep on the bottom of their tanks. If you allow your guppies to repeatedly sleep sitting on their own waste and detritus you will NOT end up with very nice tails on your fish. It is FINE to add Corydoras or Ancistrus to your guppy tanks to help keep the bottom clean but keep in mind, those fish produce waste too. We do NOT recommend keeping other fish in with Guppies (other than Corydoras or Ancistrus) IF you plan on seriously breeding them

Our Guppies are used to LARGE water changes. Don't be afraid to change 50-75% of their water as often as you like, as long as you use declorinated water close to the same temperature they will love you for it.

Here in NY we have hard alkaline tap water, it's PERFECT for Guppies . We do NOT keep salt in with our Guppies.

We feed ALL our Guppies Live Baby Brine Shrimp, Tetramin Fish Food, Golden Pearls, and Lotsoffish Mix #2 about 3-4 times a day.

Tips on breeding your Guppies.

We run 2 separate lines of all our fish. We breed 4 generations deep and then cross both lines together and start all over again. We know most folks just getting started with Guppies are not as gung ho as we are but eventually you may find yourself doing this too.

For beginners here is what we recommend you do-

Remove one of your gravid females and place her in a separate tank. You can trap her or use lots of cover in the form of live or plastic plants, yarn, or anything you have handy that is SAFE for fish. Keep in mind some strains are more prone to eating their own fry than others and this can happen very quickly.

After collecting your first drop remove the Female and raise those fish until you can just start to make out the sexes and then separate them into Males and Females. These fish will be your next generation of Guppies. You can keep more if you like but you don't want to overcrowd them. Over the next couple Months you should watch your Male Guppies as they mature because you will be picking your best couple Males from these fish to breed into some of your virgin females (that's why you separate them) . After your new generation matures pick your best one or two Males and place them in a tank with your best 3 or 4 Females and you have just set up your next generation of fish!

As you can see, you are going to end up with a lot of EXTRA Guppies while working with your new strain of fish. We recommend you talk to some of your local fish stores and see if they are interested in your Guppies. It is best to bring in some "samples" of your fish and when you do this you should bring about 6 Pr's. in CLEAN WATER and in 2 separate bags with the Males in one bag and the Females in another bag. This shows the shop owners you are serious about the hobby and you have nice clean water and you are organized and will be EASY to deal with. NO shop owner wants a breeder walking into their shop with a bucket full of mixed sized Guppies that are not of the same age or equal sexes because that is NOT something they can resell to the public. Many shop owners will be more than happy to buy fish from you if YOU make the process EASY on them.

Lastly, you can also sell your Guppies at local fish club meetings, on AquaBid.com, EBAY, and some folks even sell them out of their own homes. The bottom line is Guppies have a limited shelf live and if you don't find a way of unloading the Guppies you no longer need for breeding you will soon become overwhelmed with fish and not be able to continue to enjoy your new strain of fish. It is ALWAYS better to give away nice HEALTHY Guppies than it is to run out of tank space and watch them grow old and die.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding your new venture don't be afraid to E Mail Lotsoffish at iamlotsoffish2@aol.com. I talk with Ol' Conrad on a weekly basis and we are always happy to help out new Guppy breeders. We want you to do well with our fish.

Thanks for trying our Guppies and ENJOY the HOBBY!


Want free live food for your fish?

Put a container of icky meat outside in a shady location, in a few days use tweezers and pick out the fly larvae.

  - TOD
I pulled this chart off of google and I have no idea who owns it.
Feel free to copy past if you want to save it.

Why go anywhere
"He brings out that 10 year old kid in me who had
An aquarium in the house with what I now know what was a siren in it.
The tub in the basement had a baby alligator in it
The backyard swimming pool, tubs, garbage cans at different times had Carp, bluegills, bullheads, turtles, frogs, salamanders, snakes, lizards ..
Since I cant go back to being 10 and move to New York ..
Hey Mang! Show me them Darters you got!!"