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This website is dedicated to Ol'Conrad.  He passed away shortly after Christmas, 2013.  He had made stupendous contributions to our hobby through his dedicated and careful breeding of aquatic animals.  He was a good friend and best buddy of Pete's and will not only be missed greatly by Pete, the hobby will forever have lost a valuable friend and asset. But his progeny will live on forever in his memory.

               When I first started building this website, 
why Conrad's Stuff had 
more stuff than Pete's Stuff.
I really do love you more than Ol'Conrad.  LOL     

TIP OF THE DAY, (AKA TOD) even tho I wrote this last nite when I could not sleep, and who remembers 
which last nite! 

Anyhow - do you have that used tank or
 container and you really have a
 need to know
how much water
 it holds? 

Here is the formula Ol'Lotsoffish

L X W X H divided 

by 231= gallons
When Ol'Lotsoffish speaks, wise folks listen!
Yup - his fish room really is in the basement
Take a gander at the fancy cabinets
OSHA Nightmare
A Box-o-Magnolia leaves for you folks
Pete loves this handy dandy hang on for raising fry in.  He got it from www.kensfish.com
This ain't noway to ship fish, they'd be dade!
What is it with Pete and leaves anyways?
Even his washer grows crap.
I wonder what is growing in 
his frig?
R   U