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This website is dedicated to Ol'Conrad.  He passed away shortly after Christmas, 2013.  He had made stupendous contributions to our hobby through his dedicated and careful breeding of aquatic animals.  He was a good friend and best buddy of Pete's and will not only be missed greatly by Pete, the hobby will forever have lost a valuable friend and asset. But his progeny will live on forever in his memory.

Okay folks, this is the way it is. We all know this is a very addictive hobby and when you get that strong
 urge to feed your addiction this, is a place to be. But, a word of warning-  

There are no bargain basement or across the pond buys here. Ol'Lotsoffish, Ol'Conrad and The Saint,
 sell only the top notch, top of the line stuff. You will find no culls here.

If it is an animal they themselves, would not keep and breed, they will not dump it on you.
 Because of the quality of what is offered here, everything is in a very limited quantity and only
 on and only when we have them available. So, if you find an animal you can not live without, honestly - 
 at the shopping cart button.

Remember, if you think to long, that item may be sold out the next time you come back.  
Or not. It all depends oh how well you play Russian Roulette.

Because there is no large scale breeding, nor whole sale buckets of fish without, regards
 to health and quality, only the best will be offered and will be of a quality that we, ourselves, would
 be proud to display and therefore proud to pass on to you. A true hobbyist knows what they want
 and they know it when they see it. Now keeping that in mind, make your decision wisely! 

   OH, BTW shipping is free!!! How does that grab you? ( Continental U.S. Only )


This foods GROWS fish FAST and will bring out their COLORS like no other food you have EVER FED!
This is the same mix I include with many of my auctions. It is also the main food I feed all my fish at least
 once daily. It's expensive and it's made with all expensive ingredients. I will even tell you what's in it.
It is a mix of decapped brine shrimp eggs, SECRET STUFF, golden pearls, earthworm flakes, plecocaine,
 astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, lutein, and beta-carotene not necessarily mixed in that order. I think I might
 actually get rich off this stuff one day!

A little goes a long way and if you screw up a batch of live baby brine shrimp this food can literally
 be a life saver.I believe it's the best all around fish food I can possibly feed my fish. If I thought there was
 something better I would be using it.

This food is so versatile you can feed it to angelfish from the day they become free swimming to the day they
 die of old age and all ages in between and they will thrive on it.
When you add it to a tank some of it will float, some of it will stay in suspension and some
 of it will rapidly sink to the bottom.

I mix this food about 3 times a month and I keep all the ingredients in vacuum sealed bags in my freezer. 
I am so anal about keeping this stuff fresh I do not even touch it because I do not want the oils
 from my hands coming in contact with it. This food WILL bring out maximum color in your fish and
 almost ALL fish will eat it EVEN the fish that books say will only eat live foods.

If you buy this food from me and you are not 100% happy with it all you have to do is E mail me telling me
 you think it blows and I will refund 100% of your money for your purchase and you can keep
 the remainder of it to feed to your house cat.

Lastly, I can ship this food to you THE DAY AFTER you pay me for it. AND shipping is 100% FREE.
A large 4oz bag is only $15.00  and is the best food anywhere that you can obtain, even more nourishing than live foods.
If it were me buying here, I would order 2, put one in the freezer for back up when the first is consumed, pull out the reserve bag, and that would be a sign to re-order so, as not to run out. 
Which, if you are breeding fish, could be deadly to be caught without the proper food! 

There is also a half pound size that goes for $25.00
However. Pete is having problems getting one of the ingredients - so the Mix #2 is currently
unavailable.  Keep checking back - it will be available soon and WOW it will be the freshest food on the 
market !!!

Hey!!  This is the perfect size to get to feed Tilapia  fry!!  I kid you not, my Tilapia fry are doing awesome
on this.  I have not lost one single fry since they were free swimming.  I did pull the male and female out as
I wanted to concentrate on just the fry.  Tilapia are mouth breeders and both male and female are very protective
of their brood.  The first few days I did take the Mix #2 and ground it up a bit finer using a mortar/pestal
however, just the back of a spoon against a flat dish works just as well.


Now, we have for you a make you happy offer.  Since it is seldom that we have anything left to list here for sale, 
other than the Mix #2, here is a treat.  If you like this picture you see below, you are free to copy it to your own
 computer or if you want a crisper rendition for perhaps printing to frame for your own fish room, email me at iamlotsoffish2@Aaol.com 
and I will send it to you.  NO CHARGE - betcha can't beat that with a stick!!!  I wonder, if the model for this picture
 was Pete's cat, Rascal?  He sure likes to live dangerously and walk on the edges of the tanks and has fallen
 in for a nice surprise for both him and Pete.  LOL Anyhow, here is the picture.

I am feeling the need to share that Pete's custom food not only rocks for fish but also does amazing things for 'pet' (and feeder) insects, especially cockroaches ! We keep Hissing Madagascar roaches as pets and several other types as feeders for our tarantula. It doesn't matter what time of day or night or how much fresh food or even their staple diet is in their enclosures, as soon as I put down Pete's mix they ALL come running ! Many may wonder why I would give cockroaches Pete's high dollar blend, well here it is plain and simple... I want our 'pet' roaches to be happy and healthy and I want to feed our 'feeder' roaches the best, after all "you are what you eat, from your head down to your feet", so anything I feed our beloved tarantula should be the healthiest it can be. PLUS if you have an ailing cat ( I do cat rescue) the smell of the food gets ANY cat to eat ! Forget going to extremes to find a food your sick cat will actually eat, just sprinkle some of Pete's blend on their normal food and they WILL eat it. My paracyps even prefer it over Repashy ! Insane I know, yet true. Thanks Peteykins for a great product !   submitted by fishstarter