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This website is dedicated to Ol'Conrad.  He passed away shortly after Christmas, 2013.  He had made stupendous contributions to our hobby through his dedicated and careful breeding of aquatic animals.  He was a good friend and best buddy of Pete's and will not only be missed greatly by Pete, the hobby will forever have lost a valuable friend and asset. But his progeny will live on forever in his memory.
The Swordtail fish is similar in shape to the Guppy though it has a bulkier body and a "sword" extending from the bottom of the male's tail fin. Today, it is often thought to be named
 for this "sword" shaped extension of its tail fin, but research tells me the Swordtail was actually named for the sword like appearance of the male's anal fin!, the gonopodium.

Please notice in the above picture, the gonopodium of the the male in the foreground.
It is quite long and extended, thus making the male lyretails useless for breeding.

Therefore, if you are wanting to obtain some lyretails, no matter the color, do not bitch about their cost.   Breeding lyretails is not simply putting two of the right sex together.
The breeder needs to have some concept of genetics when breeding a lyretail female as,
she must be bred to a regular tailed male.

OR be able to do artificial insemination. 
Red Tuxedo Lyretail Swordtails
  A beautiful male sporting a "sword" tail is one of the most striking physical characteristic possible by any aquarium fish. Even though there is no apparent purpose for this tail, it is 1/4 to 1/3 the total length of the fish. The wild species have an even more majestic tail, with swords up to 6 inches (15 cm).

Though the "sword"on the tail tail is shorter in tank bred specimens it is complimented by the wonderful colors that are now available.Swordtails been genetical interbred to produce all kinds of interesting colors and different types of finnage. Some of the more common Swordtails are: Red, Red Wag, Red Tux, Painted, Neon Green, Marigold (and wag), Pineapple, Black, Red Twin bar, Sunset, and Gold Tuxedo swordtails.

IN FACT Ol'Lotsoffish has among the Swordtails he works with these; Blood red swordtails, Red and white swordtails, Red line swordtails, Peacock endlers, Black spotted green swordtails, Black swordtails, Gold swordtails, Blood red wag swordtails, Red Tux Lyretail Swordtails Albino Green swordtails, RREA swordtails And this, by no means is his complete list.   
Red and White Swordtails
 Orange Blossom Swordtails
The Swordtails are found in Central America from the Atlantic slopes of southern Mexico to Guadamala. Do the slackers who need more
 coffee who are  reading this need a map of these regions? Let me know if you do and I will provide one, but - remember I will then
know who you are .  There are always exceptions to any rule, 
and in the case of thfollowing unique swordtail,  he can be found in the waters of Adirondack in Northern New York.
Mountain Mang Swordtail
  Xiphophorus Homo Sapien
  (Latin for "wise man")

There are several color varieties of the Swordtail Xiphophorous helleri
 as well as a variety of other Swordtails species. The Xiphophorous
 helleri is the most available and the other species, though similar,
 are not always as large and are often more delicate. Which ever you
 find and get addicted to, keep in mind there are enough colors and varieties of Swordtails to compete with probably the number of
 toothpicks it takes to fill a toothpick box. Well, maybe - but there is a hell of a lot!
Koi  Swordtails

Ok, now get the cobwebs our of between your ears and carefully observe the immediate picture above, and the immediate one below.   DO YOU understand why there are two separate photos of the same variety? Think a minute, take two if you are still on your first cuppa the day. 

  Are you saying Uncle?

Ok, for those who know why, well pin a rose on your nose and for those who are saying Uncle, here is the reason: KOI

I can not believe, some of you are still lost, I am not about to tell you what all fish lovers oughta know, so do me a favor and just google up Koi. Thank You!
These  Koi swords totally KICK ASS but these Blood Sailfins are even nicer!

As far as sexual difference go with in all Swordtails, only the male has the "sword" extension on the bottom of the tail fin. The male is also slimmer and has a "sword" shaped anal fin called a gonopodium. The female has a fan shaped anal fin, is rounder of body, and will have a spawning patch at breeding time. 

They are omnivores, so feed them a great selection of Lotsoffish Mix #2, Earth Sticks or Earth Worm flakes, Grow Mix #2 or which ever size you prefer, and how about some nice Veggie Flake. You will find a great variety of foods at Kensfish.com except of course Lotsoffish Mix #2. And of course any live foods you can obtain.

Wanna keep the air hose down in the water where you want it, and you do not have a air stone to help hold it down, or the damned air stone does not stay put??

Wrap around the end, a bit of the lead weights used for holding plants down.


 ( wanna know who Tod is? I am not repeating it, so go look at Endlers page and read what is in left hand column.