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Good Crap

                           I have been watching a discussion about a website where a person is led to believe they can purchase some really nice fish.
                          Beautifully done web site, but this website proves a person just can not believe everything you see on the web. In my opinion
                          shop here at your own risk. Be sure and read the testimonials that are up. They are as slick as the whole website but do not 
                          list or show anywhere a serious buyer or wise shopper can verify such glowing words.  http://www.rfitropicalfish.com/
                                               Meanwhile you are here, Lotsoffish.net where ol'lotsoffish and Karen give you the straight skinny
First, meet the boss.

"He brings out that 10 year old kid in me who had
An aquarium in the house with what I now know what was a siren in it.
The tub in the basement had a baby alligator in it
The backyard swimming pool, tubs, garbage cans at different times had Carp, bluegills, bullheads, turtles, frogs, salamanders, snakes, lizards ..

Since I cant go back to being 10 and move to New York ..
Hey Mang! Show me them Darters you got!!"


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